New Forum, I guess I am the only one!

The place to put any messages about the wide variety of RR guitars.
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New Forum, I guess I am the only one!

Post by ctreitzell » Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:35 pm

So far, looks like I am the first to post to the RR section. I was saddened to see the old forum get deleted, at least the site is still alive and kicking. I have two is with me in France and the other, which I won in a raffle in 1992 is in California at a friend's house. I don't play my RR8 too much nowadays as my main no1 guitar is a 1974-75 Gibson Byrdland which I do most of my writing and recording with.

If interested, some of my playing can be heard on my soundcloud:
for these old recordings, I used both of my Heartfields as my no1s.

be safe out there!

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