Site redesign?

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New site with full proper mobile support and proper CMS - should it happen?

Oh yes! - I never really liked the current site that much to begin with
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Yes - the current site is a bit old-fashioned looking so it could be overhauled
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Maybe - if you find the time, go ahead, I don't mind, knock yourself out! If not, I won't mind either...
No - I am used to the current site and it works fine as far as I'm concerned
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Oh no! - the current site is perfect for what I need, keep your techno-savvy hands off it!
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Site redesign?

Post by Richard »

In the past two years I have converted two of my other sites to use a proper content management system (CMS) called Typo3 (the sites are and in case you're curious).
This uses modern web technologies that are more future-proof and also feature so-called adaptive responsiveness, meaning it will work on big but also on much smaller screens (such as phones and tablets).
It will have no influence on the Heartfield Forum.
It takes a lot of time to do it, though, so I would like to ask you all: Should I create a new site or not?
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Re: Site redesign?

Post by ctreitzell »

I like the old site, retro is cool with me :-)
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