Blueprints or plans?

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Blueprints or plans?

Post by Arrowsmith »

Does any have or know of any blueprints or plans for any Heartfield guitars? I am interested in making one of these guitars for myself, if possible. If anyone knows of a CAD designer who would be interested in taking on this type of project, please let me know. Thank you!
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Re: Blueprints or plans?

Post by Julz »

A bit late to the party but the best person to assist might be Jim Donahue. He's a CAD programmer and was heavily involved in the Talon development along with Nick Sugimoto who oversaw production.

Scott Zimmerman is another name who I believe was part of the project, I'm not 100% sure.

If you decide to reach out to these individuals, please be courteous, respectful and understand these are busy guys who've moved on to bigger and dare I say better things. On top of that, the Heartfield plans are still probably the IP of Fender or Fujigen.

If you need anything like scratch plates, covers or decals, I can produce these.
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Re: Blueprints or plans?

Post by Richard »

Awesome info, Julz!
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