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Spark Amp

Post by Richard »

For the past year or so I have played around with a new amp, the Positive Grid Spark 40. I used to have an Atomic Amp with a Pod XT so that I had all kinds of different amps and pedals at my disposal. But the Spark takes it to a whole new level and I think many of you would also like this style of amp - for at home or in the rehearsal room, not for gigging ;-)

It's a pretty compact amp, solidly made and with quite a powerful sound. But the coolest thing is that it interfaces with an Android/iOS app that allows you to choose a whole lot of different amps and pedals, with each item also being fully configurable. You can choose 31 guitar amps, 4 acoustic amps, 4 bass amps, 5 compression pedals, 14 overdrive pedals, 13 mod pedals, 6 delay pedals and 9 different kinds of reverb.


The Tones made using all these settings can be shared in the so-called ToneCloud, which you can also use to find other people's sounds. There are over 10,000 of them, though honesty compels me to tell you this library is not moderated so it's not all high quality.

As if that is not enough, it also allows you to play along with songs, where it will automatically display the chords (they call this "auto chords"). And then there's "Smart Jam", where you play something and the app will generate a beat and bass line for you. It's really quite versatile. You could do a whole lot worse than check this out.

And should you decide to get one, check out the Spark forum at!
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