Correct bridge for ex1

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Correct bridge for ex1

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I am missing arm for ex1 trem/bridge. What model gotoh
Is on the ex1 so i can get replacement. I tried some but they didnt work. I am guessing it is 5.5mm push in. Thanks for any info

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Re: Correct bridge for ex1

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I have the same issue - the bar I received with the EX-2 I own was basically a "oh, this fits" but is awkward and swings around a lot and is chrome - it's not he actual bar for the guitar since the store couldn't find it. Go figure.

Anyone have any ideas? I remember it used to have a micro-mini allen screw that tightened it. I've seen newer Gotoh trems of the same style with screw in bars, I was considering replacing but but I like the current tone and tuning stability so figured I should seek out a correct bar before trying to replace it.

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